clusterpedia has been developed by a team of SICD, PACF and cluster experts from Uganda and Tanzania. It is linked to the development process of second generation of cluster facilitator training in Africa with an emphasis on innovation processes.

Realities of Transdisciplinary Research Development in Uganda - Co-evolution of Knowledge in Triple Helix Processes (2011) Okidi-Lating, P., Makerere University Press, full text pdf

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The Role of Universities in Inclusive Innovation – cluster development in East Africa (2014) Rydhagen, B. & Trojer, L. (eds), Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, Arusha, Tanzania, full text pdf

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Sharing Fragile Future – feminist technoscience in contexts of implication (2017) Trojer, L.,  Leanpub, full text pdf



International Journal of Technoscience and Development, Vol 2 Issue 1 2015. Please download the issue in full text for free at this link.
The published articles present in depth research in a variety of fields relating to Technology and Development including articles on Interactions between Public Research Organizations and Industry: A Case of Uganda Industrial Research Institute and Innovation Propensity and Collaborations of firms in the Wood and Furniture Clusters in Kampala, Uganda.

Trojer, L., Rydhagen, B. & Kjellqvist.T. (2014) (Published online: 02 Jan 2015) “Inclusive innovation processes – experiences from Uganda and Tanzania”, African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, Routledge, Vol. 6, No. 5, 425–438.



Bolivia and Swedish Government 2013 (in Swedish)
The Communique of the 6th PACF Annual Conference, 2014, Bagamoyo, Tanzania, pdf

Report Cluster Activities in Africa supported by Sida
Completion Report from November 2011 is available giving results of PACF further development, kick start of cluster initiatives in Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Gambia, Kenya and Ethiopia, next generation cluster facilitator training program, resource mobilization and research component.

Strategic Evaluation of a Sida Portfolio
Final Individual Cases
Status Report of Cluster Initiatives in Tanzania, 2011
Innovation Systems and Clusters Program – Uganda, Progress Report, 2011

Annual Report SICD 2011, 2012

Climate Innovation
2010-12 Strategy and Action Plan for the African European Climate Innovation Initiative (AECII)
- Enabling the Transition Climate Innovation Systems for a Low-Carbon Future
- European-African Symposium on Climate Innovation & Development , 2008